My first Mod for Mount & Blade, originally created for M&B, later ported to M&B Warband.
This modification included self developed features (i.e. expanded wound recovery system, fatique system, unique battlefields) as well as lots of community provided scripts.

I created lots of scenes (town scenes, battlefields).
One main focus was on including a graphic pack called Polished Landscapes & Polished Buildings (created by Gutekfiutek) and improving the quality and performance of these graphical changes by reworking normal maps, computing ambient occlusion on the models, doing LOD´s for all models.
Performance tests showed that my version got atleast 10 – 12 FPS more than the original version on a normal laptop.

This mod got downloaded close to 20.000 times till now, a community rating 9.1 from 10 at IndieDB, also got featured on Desura.

Link to the IndieDB page: