Marble Runner

1 week ago i started my first real web-game project with Unity3D.
It is a 3D marble platform game playable in the browser window. It´s entirely physic´s driven (no direct control of the marble – instead you apply a force based on your camera direction) – the tricky part was to get the marble behaviour believable and still enjoyable game-play wise.
It´s the first time for me i use java-script so the first days was also a quick start to this scripting language.

The first test levels was build only with simple platforms and cubes, no materials at all. Some friends was testing this and (too my surprise) really liked the game-play.
Later i added simple textures, selfmade skyboxes and some more intresting shaders while working on more gameplay elements.

Now, 1 week after i started i am quite happy with the state of the game – it is beginning to look like a “real” game now, the levels are getting more and more intresting (more physic based elements, animations, way better lighting etc.).

You can watch the progress of the game here:

Marble Runner Web game