In develop version of procedural card art

Based on the algorithm mentioned in my previous Blog i began to work on a card design. The idea is to produce the basic card art (for a unannounced project i am working on) with procedural techniques.

The background is currently done with a simple Perlin Noise and will for sure get some improvements later. The borders are done with the previous mentioned algorithm.

Some changes was needed to do the corner pieces (no mirroring, instead the whole 32×32 pixel art gets generated from a base-texture).

The whole thing is a work in progress of course, there are currently around 20 variables controlling everything, beginning from the perlin-noise to the shading and coloring of the border art.

The main goal is to develop an algorithm that will output a standard card for the game where we can then input artwork for enemys, items etc… as well as descriptions.
In the end most of the variables will get predefined and just a couple of them (mainly coloring) will be changeable at runtime.


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