Procedural Textures with Werkkzeug3TE

Some may know the demoscene group “Farbrausch”. I really love to watch their demos for several years now and recently i found that they released their toolset for procedural texture generation called “Werkkzeug3TE”.

Its not the first time that i tried my hands on procedural texture generation, but i have to say, this is the best piece of software i found so far. It´s a bit tricky in the beginning to get used to it (there are not many tutorials available in the net) – but i managed to get some pretty nice results after a real short time.

The first picture shows my first try – i used a documented wood texture and while going through the steps to understand whats doing what i created this one…

The next can be called my “hello world” version.
I used a reference photo from a bark tree and used the things i learned in the first texture to do this entirely alone.


Now the really interesting part is that this is entirely procedural made, this means its just a bunch of noise-generators, filters and masks which do their magic.
This means that changing resolutions later wont lead to loosing details (instead higher resolution will automatically have more detail calculated), also changes at a later stage are totally easy and done in a matter of seconds.


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