Scaedumar Beta release

Its a while ago i took the time to write about my progress here,

in the meantime i finished porting my mod Scaedumar to M&B Warband 1.134, this included the newest version of the kits i used and some pretty neat stuff regarding new gameplay elements and graphics.

I used Ambient Occlusion this time on the tree´s and foliage, new horses and also on the Polished Building model´s from Gutefiutek. This alone improved the overall graphics by quite alot.

It´s also the first time i published the mod on a way bigger community site – as well as Desura (a Steam like company) which boosted the downloads to over 3000 in the first week.
This included the making of a promotional video aswell as a way more polished presentation of my mod-content.


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