Alpha Release Scaedumar

I released the alpha version of Scaedumar some days ago.

Till now its only mentioned in 2 different forums, the first is Taleworlds-“Mods in development”- forum and TotalWarNet – forum. There is a total download of 400 since the release (5 days ago) which is really ok for my purposes.

The amount of reported bugs are minor, some suggestions regarding the possibility to toggle some of the new game-play changes.

The next steps will be the implementation of a seasonal system (scene-changes for winter / summer) and fixing/implementation of the bugs/suggestions mentioned from the alpha testers.

The plans are to finish the new seasonal system, fixing all scenes and game-play elements and release the open-beta version on a couple of forums/mod-sites (, Taleworlds – released mods etc.)

I also welcome a new team-member (CounterPoint) – he is mostly providing feedback and discussion, maybe also texture/modelling work in the future and he helped me to get a good starting point at the TotalWarCenter Forum.


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