So i start here with a short description of my actual project called Scaedumar, for Mount & Blade Warband.

It´s main purpose is to practice both scripting and level-design for that engine. To get started i used a lot of OpenSource Kits from the talesworld-forum, enhanced and tweaked lots of them and build some more indepth game-play elements.

I also used Polished Landscapes and Polished Buildings from Gutekfiutek (two Model/Texture packs) to get a good graphical basis to build on.

The next step was to port some of my battle-maps, which was originally created for The Last Days – Mod, to fit with the the new textures and models. They turned out to look quite good on that new engine with just some minor adjustments to the original maps i made earlier.

Battle map, plain fields with a farming house

After that i started to concentrate on rebuilding the first Swadia town scene, namely Praven. This city is located on a plain near the ocean. After some tests i decided to go with a figure 8 layout of the roads, a market-place in the middle, the castle to the right and a harbour at the upper part of the map.

After realizing that this kind of dense architecture will get me some huge performance issues i reworked the graphical-kit, adding LODs to almost every scene-prop and changing shaders for them. For now i have quite expensive shaders with normal mapping on LOD 1+2 and just diffuse textures without normals on LOD 3+4. Also changed the old greyscale bump-maps to normal maps for better details.

More information on this mod can be found at here.


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